A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Danture is a cute little fantasy based black and white action adventure game. 

You play as Didy who is tasked with saving the world from the ever spreading darkness!

Smash out 2 dungeons and challenge the ultimate boss! Satisfying screen shakes and sound effects make combat so much more fun alongside the core mechanic, which is your weapons only have on hit! Use you weapon wisely, because as soon as it collides with an enemy, its gone! 

Start off in the calm fields where you meet the villagers. From there you venture to a castle where you eventually find the beast of darkness (aka the boss).

When you defeat him you will have stopped the darkness from taking over the world!

Use a wide variety of weapons such as power swords, boomerangs, swords and knives! All do different damage!

Many enemies await your arrival. You can discover the different types!


  • WASD = Move
  • LEFT SHIFT = Dash
  • Swing mouse to collide weapons with enemies
  • LEFT CLICK = Shoot Boomerang
  • To restart after the first level (after you walk through the first door and the game lags) close and reopen the .exe file (there is a bug with the restart button :{ ) 

From what I've played it gets really intense so u betta be ready to pull out your best moves!!!

I made this in 48 hours! This is my first jam and I defiantly was to ambitious!

If you don't mind rating the game please do!


Known Bugs:

  • Castle walls may disappear when taking certain route
  • Reset buttons don't work on last 2 levels (Extra bit of theme for ya, only one game per .exe open ;) )

Sorry  I cant fix these, I have no more time!

Check out my youtube for more stuff from me:



Danture.zip 95 MB

Development log


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Won't run on linux. Itch client says "Nothing that can be launched was found."

Oh ok, i just assumed that unity would make it work for linux, are all the files in the zip extracted to the same file

(1 edit)

Yes, i have. You have to export to the different platforms though.

Ah ok, thanks for letting me know. When I update the game l build for sperate platforms and make sure they work


Hey !

Just tested your game ! It has a really cool vibe ! I loved the graphics and the music. The idea is pretty cool and the game was fun to play. I think that with the fix of the small bugs you mentioned and if you could also fix the diagonal walking because it feels slower than going straight to one direction . I was surprise to see no comment here because the game is really nice for a 48 hours dev process ! Huge GG  :)